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It is a joy for me to share with you places I’ve ventured off to. I’ve tried to capture images that would tell stories and yet be pleasing. Some are dramatic and some soft and tranquil. But in all, I hope you richly experience the beauty of the Western States, especially the Northern Part of California in Napa.

I will write about each image so that you can sense the same feelings and experiences that I had while capturing them with my camera. The majority of my shots were done with a Canon 6D with a 40mm and 55mm lens.  Some images I took in sections and merged them together while post processing. This technique, I found out, after many trial and errors, was the best to bring the clearest and sharpest images.

On occasion I have taken an image and created paintings out of them. Some I have created 3D Models of. Whichever creation you happen to come upon, be assured that you are getting a quality piece that is to be cherished for many years to come.

Making Memorable Imagery.


Ricardo Velasco Inspecting prints.


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