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EXQUISITE Valley Fine Art

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More from the Gold Leaf Series at Velasco Gallery

  Sept 2020 During the harvest of grapes, the leaves are carefully hand picked and preserved for presentation. The gold represents the Golden State of California. It also depicts the richness found in the fermented fruit turned “Bottled poetry”. The golden leaves also represent treasure seekers, like the migrant workers trying to strike it rich…
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Velasco Gallery and Color Lab work

July  14, 2020 Ricardo Velasco painting gold leaf detail onto Fujiflex prints of his work. Next step? Face mounting the print unto acrylic for preservation and final presentation. Contact us to find out about this, or other pieces from Velasco Gallery.    EXQUISITE Napa Valley Fine Art

The New Gold Leaf Series from Velasco Gallery

July 2020 Velasco Gallery presents a new series of Original Art and Limited Edition prints. The Gold Leaf Series represents actual grapevines and leaves painted over with acrylics for preservation. The vines and leaves have to be quickly picked before they wilt and dry out. Then, they are quickly painted over to preserve the detail…
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New Release from Velasco Gallery – I AM

June 2020 This print is from a real grape leaf, painted in acrylics and gold leaf applied. The original is for sale, and so are limited edition pieces. Contact us to find out more about this beautiful new piece. The title of the piece is derived from John 15:5.    EXQUISITE Napa Valley Fine Art

Lavender and Vines – Another New Release from Velasco Gallery

This print shows a combination of favorite flower and plants, Lavender and Grapevines. Inquire within to get more information on finishing options and prices. EXQUISITE Napa Valley Fine Art

Sweet Memories

I must have been about 7-8 years old when my dad decided to taking me hiking up a mountain off of the Silverado Trail  in Napa. It must have been a holiday, maybe Christmas or New Years, because everyone was off from work, including uncles that were visiting. We finally came to our destination, a…
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Legends of Photography

When I worked at a color lab in Los Angeles, I was fortunate enough to meet many interesting people. Several politicians, celebrities and of course well-known photographers like Legendary Lensman Julian Wasser.  One day he came in the shop and in passing by he asked me if he could take my picture, at first I…
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More Abstract from Velasco Gallery

Various sizes available. Limited edition print can be mounted on Aluminum with clear Acrylic Facemount to protect and display.

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