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My Vines from Gold Leaf series at Velasco Gallery Golden vines at Velasco Gallery

Golden Vines at Velasco Gallery

Sept 2020

During the harvest of grapes, the leaves are carefully hand picked and preserved for presentation. The gold represents the Golden State of California. It also depicts the richness found in the fermented fruit turned “Bottled poetry”.

The golden leaves also represent treasure seekers, like the migrant workers trying to strike it rich working the vineyards. It could also be vintners trying to get that perfect balance and produce an opulent vintage.

The Perfect Fruit

I love the shapes of the vines and their fruit, how they twist and turn. They provide shade and food for birds and other animals.

Red, blues, purple, gold and green. A rainbow of colors can be displayed with the variety planted. One can almost see the vine’s blood flowing through the veins of the leaf.

An ancient fruit. A beverage or dessert, a holy drink, a symbol of Gods’ blood. An illustration of fallen man and redemptive story. All this can be found in this fruit.

My nourishment, my sustenance, my perfect fruit, the grape and the vine that brought it forth.



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