Sweet Memories

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I must have been about 7-8 years old when my dad decided to taking me hiking up a mountain off of the Silverado TrailĀ  in Napa. It must have been a holiday, maybe Christmas or New Years, because everyone was off from work, including uncles that were visiting.

We finally came to our destination, a stump that had been laying on the side. My uncle lit up a cigarette and he usually did, but this time he wasn’t smoking it, he used it to light a handful of twigs that he then shoved it into the stump.

As I got closer I saw bees buzzing back and forth and soon lazily slowing down enough for my dad and uncle to start collecting honey.

That was one of the fondest, and sweetest recollections of living in Napa, just spending an afternoon with family, going on in adventure and collecting something delicious to bringing back home.

May you collect and have sweet memories.


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