The New Gold Leaf Series from Velasco Gallery

EXQUISITE Valley Fine Art

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July 2020

Velasco Gallery presents a new series of Original Art and Limited Edition prints. The Gold Leaf Series represents actual grapevines and leaves painted over with acrylics for preservation. The vines and leaves have to be quickly picked before they wilt and dry out. Then, they are quickly painted over to preserve the detail in the plant. Afterwards, employing great care, the gold leaf application begins.

After the gold leaf process is finished. The vines and leaves are arranged in different patterns and placed on black acrylic background or museum black board. Then they are ready for displaying.

The finished piece is photographed and then sent to a color lab for reproduction. Limited editions are printed on Flex film or with Archival inks, on Fine Art papers. On some of the editions, a final gold leaf highlight is applied. So each Limited Edition is considered a unique piece as well.

Contact Velasco Gallery to find out more about The Gold Leaf series.


 EXQUISITE Napa Valley Fine Art

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